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Sewing a small town: Hilltowns and culture of landscape

Gassino Torinese, Italy July 17-29, 2017

The 2017 edition of SEWING A SMALL TOWN will focus on the socio-economic and architectural regeneration of two historical settlements on the hills near the city of Turin. The hilltowns of Bussolino and Bardassano represent two examples of a specific cultural way to build on and with territory. This region is also included in the UNESCO-MaB hill named “Collina Po Man and Biosphere Reserve”.

The projects of the summer school will deal with architectural and territorial issues according the two respective scales: the regional scale will draw up a simplified territorial plan in order to set the connections of the two hilltowns with Gassino Torinese, Chivasso and Turin; the architectural scale will focus on the reuse of several buildings according to the existing situation by investigating the delicate relationship between innovation and conservation of the built forms.

Call for participants

SEWING A SMALL TOWN is open to a maximum of 30 participants, students or graduates in architecture (Bachelor or Master), Ph.D. students and architects less than thirty years old, selected through the evaluation of curriculum vitae, motivation letter and portofolio by a scientific committee. The activities consist of theoretical evening courses and a design workshop.


Gassino Torinese is a small town characterized by baroque architecture located in the North-West of Italy, 15 kilometres far from Turin in the centre of Piedmont, a region internationally known for prestigious wine (such as Barbera, Moscato, Barolo and many others) and the slow food concept, one hour by train from Milan, three hours from the town of Genoa, in Liguria, and only an hour and a half by plane from Paris.

Every year in July, thanks to SEWING A SMALL TOWN the historic core of Gassino Torinese becomes an open-air laboratory in which experimentation suggests new and innovative ways to reconsider the whole landscape surrounding the city and the built environment, re-evaluating the physical memory of the region’s past.


From July 17 to 29, 2017. Arrival and welcome of participants on Sunday, July 16. The opening activities of the summer school will take place on Monday, July 17, with the presentation of the project areas including a visit to the project sites. An intermediate critique in the presence of a jury composed of external critics is scheduled for Saturday, July 22.

Conclusion and presentation of the work will take place on Saturday, July 29: a jury composed of external critics will comment on projects during the day and during the closing evening. Departure of participants on Sunday, July 30.

The registration fee of 400,00 euros includes

  • Overnight accommodation

    From July 16 to 29 included, in a dormitory located in the historical center of Gassino Torinese

  • Special evening parties

    Saturday, July 22 (at Rossotto winery, Cinzano Torinese) and July 29 (in Gassino Torinese)

  • Guided tours

    Turin city center and villages surrounding Gassino Torinese

  • Preliminary informative materials

    Welcome pack, documentation on the project sites

  • Excellent tutoring and teaching

    Provided by internationally known architects, architectural historians and critics

The cost of participation excludes: travel expenses and everything not expressly mentioned. Participants will also have the option of 10,00 euros meals in several restaurants affiliated with the summer school, within the City of Gassino Torinese.

Equipment: Each participant must have his/her own portable pc with the desired drawing softwares installed. A camera could be useful.

About us

The architecture summer school Sewing a small town is a great opportunity for students and young architects, since allows to interface with a variety of international realities, both culturally and professionally. I consider it a great opportunity for the staff and guests involved: the debate level is very high and extremely stimulating. All the workshop staff and tutors are not only related to the academic field, but also to the professional one: this mix makes the activity a great professional growth experience.
Federica Filippone, Italy, 2015

The summer school I attended in 2015 was a fulfilling experience. It was a unique occasion to share personal knowledge with different cultures and points of view. The thing that I was left mostly with is the mixed approaches to social, urban, architectural and environmental themes due to various academic backgrounds and know-hows: it’s mainly an enriching moment useful for your personal and professional growth.
Iacopo Loreti, Italy, 2015

What was great about Gassino is that we had the opportunity to be confronted with so many well qualified people in the field of architecture. I have been on many courses around Europe and this was really outstanding great thing, when I compare it to others. Although we had a lot of work, the atmosphere was great and I made a lot of friends. What I can’t forget to say is the italian food that we were served. I had to close my eyes many times, because it was so delicious 🙂 !
Marek Turosik, Slovenia, 2015

The 2016 edition of Sewing a small town was a remarkable learning opportunity for me. I especially loved the conferences and the discussions, which were vastly inspirational. The chosen issues were interesting and especially challenging. The various international backgrounds of the participants made for a delightful knowledge interchange, while the energy and the enthusiasm of the young team of tutors and organizers added color to the experience of the summer school.
Lavinia Isan, Romania, 2016

I think that this experience gave an opportunity to understand how the municipality of a small place like Gassino, in partnership with the summer school can pool ideas for responsible design in the region.
Mohit Yalgi, India, 2016

Sewing a small town gave me a new whole perspective in a wide range of aspects: learning from the reviews of great professionals, interacting with other students coming from different contexts and with a totally different educational background, reaching points in common together, having lectures of many interesting and current topics, and obviously, having around the beautiful Italian landscape! It was a very enriching experience and I highly recommend it to everyone!
Sofia Zava, Argentina, 2016

Results of the workshop: The works produced during the summer school by the participants will be gathered in a final exhibition where the authorship of each project will be clearly indicated. The works of the participants will be published in a book or a special issue of a specialist journal that will display the cultural path followed and the projects realized during the summer school.

Certificate: At the end of the summer school, during the closing ceremony on July, 29 every participant will receive a certificate signed by organizers and critics who will attend the closing ceremony. At the request of participants, the organization may issue a further certificate with the amount of hours of classroom teaching followed and the hours devoted to the project: this certificate will be presented to the Universities for the possible allocation of credits (ECTS) or to Architect Associations to obtain professional formative credits (CFP).

Treatment of personal data: Associazione Per l’Architettura della Città ensures the protection of personal data pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree (DLgs) 196/03.


Send your application through the online submission procedure available, applicants are requested to send a PDF file, max 10 MB, including a CV and a portfolio, making sure to include the following mandatory information: name, surname, date of birth, educational background, email address, home address, phone number, Skype contact.

What happens next?

Candidates will be notified of the scientific committee’s list.

The applicants selected will be required to confirm their registration with the payment of the entire registration fee (400,00 euros) only by bank transfer and sending by email a copy of the identity document or passport.

Cancellations for people who applied by May 15, 2017: Following registration, the participant who communicates his inability to attend the summer school is entitled to the following refunds:
• if the communication takes place by June 20, 2017, the participant is entitled to a total refund reduced by 1/4 (300,00 euros); then a new list will be communicated to all applicants, with the possibility of a delayed subscription;
• cancellations received after June 20, 2017 are not eligible for reimbursement.

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