2015 – The Renaissance of a Historical Center

The design themes were focused on the renovation, reuse and reutilization of old and valuable buildings in disuse and the rethinking of public places (streets, squares and gardens) to be integrated into the urban context partly in ruins and without an active identity to enhance the past of the town.

Addressing the new buildings within the residual spaces, the re-utilization of buildings (public and private) and interventions at the seam between the old core and the peripheral parts were the main goals of the projects developed by the participants during the two-week workshop.

In fact the first edition of the summer school has explored the possibilities of conscious interventions in the historical center of Gassino Torinese through contemporary sustainable architecture. The meanings of the historic center, given today in Italy and in Europe, and the consequent problems related to the integration of today’s needs and lifestyles within a core of ancient origins, has imposed certain reflections.

The challenge of the summer school was the sensitization of participants to an ideal modern and sustainable architecture as a solution to the qualitative reuse of the existing heritage.


Organizers: Giacomo Leone Beccaria, Alberto Bologna, Cinzia Gavello.

Participants: Katiuscia Accettura (Italy), Cynthia Aleman (Canada), Patricia Arce (Switzerland), Anne-Charlotte Astrup Chauvaux (France), Maanana Atrey (India), Alessandra Baldo (Italy), Sagym Bakytnurkyky (Kazakhstan), Adrien Blondel (Switzerland), Sara Olivia Carli (Italy), Alessia Chiambretto (Italy), Maela De Carli (Italy), Elisa Dellarossa (Italy), Federica Filippone (Italy), Giulia Filippone (Italy), Marta Fiou (Italy), Martina Franco (Italy), Valentina Gaboardi (Italy), Giovanna Gallardo (Mexico), Ann Kientz (United States of America), Iacopo Loreti (Italy), Calina Manisor (Romania), Francesca Micco (Italy), Aurèle Pulfer (Switzerland), Margot Robin (Italy), Isilay Tiarnagh Sheridan (Turkey), Isabelle Stumptner (Switzerland), Valentina Suffritti (Italy), Marek Turosik (Slovenia), Cedric Wehrle (Switzerland), Julia Jutta Werwigk (Germany), Xianwen Zheng (China).

Tutors: Graciliano Berrocal Hernandez, Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes, Patrick Giromini, Alberto Rosso, Matthew Skjonsberg with the collaboration of Alberto Bottero, Matteo Malandrino and Fabio Vignolo.

Project themes

1. Creation of an underground parking at the current Piazza Sampieri, with entry from the underlying Corso Italia, and design of a public space overlying, with an outdoor theater connected to the existing municipal theater;
2-2.1. Transformation of the buildings in Via Vittorio Veneto and Via Mazzini in public structures used as a co-housing for students or temporary residence for families in difficulty;
3. Expansion of the structure of nursery school “San Giuseppe” through the insertion of new sections of nursery in new volumes and in the ancient elementary school adjacent, now disused;
4. Transformation in a post office building of a small existing building located in Via Circonvallazione, at the entrance of the city of Gassino Torinese, and design of its pedestrian connection with the parking of the theme 1;
5. Renovation of a building in Via Cavour and its transformation into a painter’s studio or a studio of architect;
6. Urban design of “sewing” and connection between public spaces (porches, streets, squares and gardens) and private (backyards, streets, gardens and open passages) with themes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.